Beautiful Hero 2018

Welcome to Beautiful Hero Day 2018!

Where indeed would we all be without the beautiful heroes that touch our lives on a daily basis? Our family and friends, and according to this year’s Beautiful Hero, strangers too, who lift us when we’re low, brighten our spirits when we’re sad and of course celebrate life and the great times, bringing us smiles, happiness and gratitude, no matter what life chooses to throw at us.

As ever, a very tough decision to make, and thank you all for taking the time and trouble to share the emotional wonders of your own special heroes. The way they impact our world will never cease to amaze me, and the legacy grows of my own personal hero Louise , who remains my enduring muse about which Tribe517 continues to develop.

This year the nominated and successful Beautiful Hero is an amazing lady who without a second thought went about sharing what she has with someone who had nothing. Brave, courageous, and laudable Natalie Hawkins, we applaud you!! We are more than delighted to welcome you to the Tribe as The Beautiful Hero 2018.

Natalie has been nominated by Sandra Jones, her lifelong friend, this is what Sandra has to say about Natalie.

I have known Natalie since she moved to the area from Ely in form one of comprehensive school. After initially giving her some grief when coming to my school (you know, teenage girl rivalry) we went on to become really good friends who got in to a lot of mischief together, as I’m sure our mothers would agree! At 13/14 we went to stay with Nat’s Nan in Rhyl, lots of fond memories (though the mad perms I’d sooner forget LOL!!)

As we became young ladies, we continued our friendship despite drifting off for a few years, always came back together and each time picked up where we left off as if no time had been between us and always looking out for each other. Natalie was bridesmaid at my wedding, I am godmother to her eldest son. She is now a lone parent to 3 boys and is absolutely brilliant. My eldest would certainly go to her for help & advice.

Following taking Keiran in from the street, she is helping him to develop skills to help himself not only get back on track, but to find work, cook and understand how to budget. 

She is my oldest & ‘bestest’ friend and I love her like a sister, she is very loving, very giving and supportive.”

If this story seems a little familiar to you, then maybe you have already heard about her generosity and support through TV and other news channels.

See the link and video here;


The Original Beautiful Hero

The lady and the legacy


‘There are no words to express how much I still love and miss you my special friend, and I hope I’m getting everything right down here, it’s not easy making these Tribe517 decisions without your very direct feedback!

I’m sure you’d love the Spa development angle, and the collection that launches into the Spa arena later this year, as well as the Beautiful Hero ethos, I cannot escape thinking what you’d have to say about it all, and those thoughts serve as an incredible motivation and inspiration Louloubelle!!!!”

Always loving you 517

Claire x