Tribe517 Unisex Spa Collection

Here at Tribe517, we are feeling particularly excited this week as the final proofs have come through for the labelling design for our new unisex Spa collection.

Entering the Spa arena for male and female, with a collection of product and treatment that sees a real break from the norm, and following on from the success of the launch of the heritage product which is Tribe517.

New products include the body bar, facial chrism balm, and fountain spritz amongst others.  All created with the same attention to detail and again sharing the ethical love, with our focus on natural, and friendly to the planet as well as our skins.  We are proud to have developed something so special, so different and at the heart of it the support to the Beautiful Hero charitable foundation, as well as numerous spas, already expressing a fervent interest in learning more and being able to offer their guests something very unusual in terms of treatment.

For professional enquiries, please contact us at and we will be delighted to advise and support.  You can expect to see this on the shelves by the end of the summer 2018.  Look out for the perfect gifts and gift with purchase, along with professional support and training to enhance your spa business.

The Capsule Wardrobe for your face lends it’s values to your body too.  We look forward to sharing the collection with you very soon.