Tribal Spa Sneak Peak

The next excitement in the calendar for Tribe517 really is the fast approaching Spa Collective.

A lovingly collated mix of 9 beautiful products and 6 amazing treatments.  The like of which you will never have experienced before. Product harvested naturally and still sharing the eco friendly ethical love, and pure and fresh as you’d expect to fit the Tribe ethos.  A little sneaky peak here for you, see just a couple of our skin superfood ingredients , making their way into our exciting new collection.

The treatment offering however will remain ‘top secret’ until we launch later this year.  I know regular spa goers and spa owners will be astonished with the different angle that we have created, very definitely something to write home about, and effective too, combined with these amazing body blends.  Easily available to include into existing spa tariff with our flexible and creative supplier options, ask us at for professional enquiries. For followers of the Tribe and new users, the new shop will appear on the website in just a few months together with a list of spa stockists and suppliers. Facial and Body Preparations numbers 5, 1 and 7 of course, and a bath house collective too, so believe me when I say you will not be disappointed. That’s about all I can say without giving the ‘game’ away right now!


  In anticipation of sharing the joy and ethical love with you….. oh yes, and also a special treatment called ‘Beautiful Hero’ ssshhhhh, for now my lips are sealed. Claire x