Magical 517 Spa



For those of you asking, emailing and messaging me about what the Tribal Collective for Spa entails, what it is and when you can get your hands on it.  Here’s the first peek especially for you.

Sharing the ethical love borne in the original Tribe517 to all you pleasure seekers, the products and the treatments are divine.

So meet the newest members of the Tribe, the elixirs, chrisms and hypnotic balms better recognised as facial and body preparations numbers 5, 1 and 7.  The 517 love continues.  We are devoted to creating the all natural, multi tasking collective which will be available in select spas at the end of the year, and taking 2019 by storm with it’s mighty different angle.



I know I have been pretty secretive to those of you I have spoken with, but not long now, and I shall be visiting you to share the new delights and the heritage products also.

10 products in total, 6 exquisite treatments to launch, the love link ribbon and the Beautiful Hero Foundation playing their part throughout.

Dedicated to the creation of something so special with a genuine development story of passion and unwavering faithfulness.  The business model will be available in the autumn and see how you can get involved, and the true story of Tribe517 and inspiration and influences behind it will make up part of the specialist training in spa for high quality therapists.


Products synonymous with Tribe recognised by the heavy frosted glass and sparkle stud packaged with their own individual duster pouches to protect them, to look handsome and striking in any bathroom or on any dressing table, as ever ask me more for your spa launch and interest on and continue to share the ethical love, and support the Beautiful Hero

Claire x