Reviewing triBACTIF


Well it’s a rare thing indeed to find the realisation is actually better than the expectation, but this evening that’s exactly what happened.

I may have created, and toiled over what I think to be the perfect facial but now I have experienced it in its entirety I find myself, overwhelmed, delighted and absolutely lost for words. Indeed a facial like no other.

triBACTIF really does deliver what I set out to achieve.

a smooth skin

a clear skin

a lifted skin

a radiant skin

a youthful complexion I didn’t quite expect to such an extent.

Thank you to the ultra talented Michelle Willmott who owns BU spa business in Whitchurch, Cardiff. What superb skills, and every tiny attention to detail. For those thinking I may be just a little subjective in my comments, Michelle assures me, I am not alone in my delight and more than expected astonishment at the improvement in my skin. Her clientele are enjoying the benefits too, and already returning for further treatment, when they see the immediate and amazing results.

The massage created to lift and refine, whilst minimising fine lines really does prove its worth, I enjoyed every second of the results driven massage, you really feel it working, ‘doing the job’. Then the hot cocoon of a mask just send you to seventh heaven. This ‘little’ facial really is going places, with more salon and spa facilities looking to include it in their treatment offering.

All of these benefits with an all natural product, and the little fragranced ribbon bow tied around your ring finger, in order you take a little of the ethical love with you.

My own creation or not, I can’t take a back seat with this one, this facial is truly fantastic!!!!

Claire x