Sophisticated Spa/Salon Opportunity

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The Tribal Adventure

We want you to come on the adventure with us, sophisticated spa and salon treatment with a ‘tribal sharing ethos’ reflected with support, training, brand awareness and realistic start up costs. We’re a sassy, forward thinking, niche brand, which means we have a real, modern and cutting edge way of supporting spa and boutique business whatever their size, audience or age.

A totally different approach that doesn’t ask you to invest a substantial amount up front, how refreshing! We want to benefit you and your business, and help you build a tribal following.

It all starts with a Tribal Initiation Fee (or licence) this acquires you the use of the brand for 12 months, complimentary training, printed collateral, point of sale promotional material and the opportunity of great Gifts with Purchase (GWP).

It also includes enough product for 20 Tribactif facials, and minimum order quantity (MOQ) of retail product (on sale or return terms), to get you off to a great start. All of this for just £(available to professional spa/salon only.)


Hard to believe? It’s not…. This is the package to start you off.


Thereafter being a Tribal Leader (purveyor of beautiful treatment and product) will cost you just £(pro spa and salon only) per year for continued brand use and support plus the GWP options.

You will just need to purchase what you need for professional product and further retail stock as you move forward.

You wont need to invest any more until you have used the start up product by which time you will have generated the funds to purchase more. On site trainers undertake refresher training annually.

You love the Tribe and the Tribe will love you back. The ethical love of the product and treatment extends to the way we interact with our Tribal Leaders.

The Tribactif Facial and Actif8 have patent pending, and form part of the growing Tribal Collection, both award winning and featured in Vogue magazine.

Join the Tribe and share the ethical love, good for your body, good for the planet and great for your natural spa and salon business.


Note to business owners.

Exceptionally competitive start up costs, and we are happy to send the full details to your inbox if you message us directly via email or PM through IG or FB page.

We consider to partner with sophisticated  spa/salon business no matter how large or small, corporate or independent, countryside or high street.  Full support, collateral and training with this award winning, high end, natural product.