‘Heart Link’ Ribbon Bow

The Heart Link Ribbon integral to the triBACTIF facial, really is a treat.  The tiny bow tied around your ring finger at the completion of the facial, dowsed with the tRiBe517 active oil blend.  Believed by ancient cultures that the ring finger is connected to the heart by an imaginary cord, so we love the thought that tying the ribbon here, truly is the way of sharing the ethical love, and our clients are loving it too.  The memories evoked by the natural perfume, and of course, the pretty reminder to the ring finger.

If you haven’t already looked at our very affordable way of becoming a salon/spa stockist, then please drop us a line on marketing@tibe517.com  We are granting a further 5 licenses before the end of October 2017.  You will be astonished at just how affordable this really is.  A decadent luxury product and treatment available to sophisticated salon and spa both large or bijou. Ask the no obligations questions here.  You could have your SOR product in place for Christmas sales.

Join the tribe and share the ethical love, you won’t be disappointed.

Claire x