Our 517 Super Shots


….and why you should be using them

Softening Elixir No 5, and Youth Elixir No 1, these are our ‘Super Shots’ and used to boost the function and health of your skin, leading to a dewy and clear complexion, evident after just one use. Both have the inimitable Pomegranate and Cacay oil blends, a real treat for the skin, high grade natural effectiveness, absorbed on contact with no oily residue at all.  Add to this the Red Mandarin in No 5, or the Frankincense in No 5, blended with our tribal synonymous Helichrysum and you can’t fail to be overwhelmed. A double whammy for skin health when used as a super shot under the acclaimed Tribe517 heritage product. Now we are into Springtime and your poor skin has been dehydrated through the winter months, replace the moisture, and give yourself a glow.  The properties of Pomegranate and Cacay, long renowned for these warming, hydrating and youth enhancing properties. The super shots perfect for sensitised skins too, give them a whirl, easy to use, affordable and effective with glorious fragrance.  A little goes a very long way, super shoot them into your skin care regime.  Join the Tribe, you won’t be disappointed, and your skin will love you forever. Launching before end April 2019. Email to get on our wait list. Available already as part of the TRIbactif Facial at Tribe Spa, and our guests can’t get enough of them. As we always say, ‘love the tribe, and the tribe will love you back’.

Claire x