Four Handed Massage

Synchronicity Flow…..

…our unimaginably sensorial massage.  Full body flow massage with two therapists working in synchronised time, as a rhythmical dance across your body.  Peace, calm, and instilled balance will be yours.


A highly refined body massage as you will never have experienced before.  Your senses are heightened as you simply feel unaware of where the therapists are working, just delight in the glorious feeling of an infinite ebb and flow up and down the muscles, leaving you in a state of unadulterated decadence.

Warm nourishing balm with our fragrant Tribal Essence leaves you warm and happy as always.  We are more than excited to be able to offer this glorious treatment at Tribe Spa from the beginning of May 2019. The Tribe really knows how to spoil you!

Claire x



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