Beautiful Hero 2019

Well here we are four years down the line, ‘Tempus Fugit”, and we see another Beautiful Hero Day.

Our TRIBAL followers continue to grow and we are loving great interaction with everyone.  Lots of questions, lovely feedback, and questions about our Charitable Foundation.

Each year, we have seen a greater number of nominations coming through, and this year has certainly been no different.  Tough as always to read these stories, and tougher still to decide who will be the Beautiful Hero of 2019.

However, we are more than delighted to name Sarah Griffiths as our 2019 Hero!

Sarah with daughter Daisy

Sarah has been nominated anonymously, and we have been asked to keep it this way, which we will respect.  We have chatted however, with her nominator to hear the full story, who says of Sarah…..

‘Amazing to see the courage and motivation she has shown despite huge sadness at losing her daughter Daisy, no so long ago.  Daisy very sadly passed away following the awful Cancer disease.’

She goes on to say….

‘it seems this awful situation has prompted her into action to support and act with fundraising to help and aid others suffering in a similar situation.   Sarah Griffiths is an ambassador of ‘Dreams & Wishes’, and has helped raise £1000s for this charity, who endlessly helped her and her daughter Daisy whilst battling Cancer.  She continues bravely on helping this and other charities for her Daughter’s legacy…. 

….on Mother’s Day this year she will be minus her precious daughter, and I believe on this day she would be the most Beautiful Hero for Tribe517, it would be lovely to see her recognised for her effort and bravery in this time of adversity, I know she does everything not for recognition but to help those with challenging circumstances around them, this would be such a fitting way to show appreciation from those whom she continually strives to support.  I don’t know where she finds the energy, especially with all the fundraising running she does, all with the sole intent of granting yet another wish!’

Well done to Sarah, and greatest respect and acknowledgement to the other stories we have received, praising and showing gratitude for those special people that, nearly always obliviously, do so much for others, whilst often in the midst of challenging situations themselves.

It seems most poignant that this special day falls on Mothering Sunday too, a time to reflect on our inspirational individuals , thank them for all they do, and for me personally time to think happy thoughts of the original Beautiful Hero and best friend Louise, without whom, Tribe517 may never have been brought to life.

Claire x