Debut Spa for Tribe517

So this month, September 2018, celebrates two years since the official launch of the heritage Tribe517 product to market, as an award winning all natural Beautiful Hero product.

As a real labour of love for the industry, as a product junkie, and for the love of the very first Beautiful Hero, I am not only delighted to be able to deliver to the industry the most amazing product collection, and superlative treatment experiences later this year, today I am delighted to tell you all that the inaugural Tribe517 Spa is due to open its doors early next year, to be precise, Beautiful Hero Day, 31st March.

Still a closely guarded secret, but I assure you, the most fantastic of locations, and I will be incredibly excited to be able to reveal this and more, to you all in due course.  A Spa that will truly push the boundaries, the utopia for you sybaritic souls, and deliver the attention to detail, like you have never experienced before.  A fitting and magnificent environment to be ‘Home of the Tribe’, and I couldn’t be more proud of this gorgeous collective.

As always, I will keep you abreast of all as the build develops.

When Nature and Ethical Love Blend, A Beautiful Hero is Born! x