Love Affair with a Dream

By definition, a love affair can be described best as

…..’an intense enthusiasm or liking for something.’

That must therefore denote I am having a love affair with a beauty product, ‘my’ beauty product, my very own Tribe517.

Nurtured from a dream so far back, I couldn’t possibly tell the date or the how or the why at the time. So deeply inherent in my list of ‘ soul wants’ to achieve, but always seemed maybe a dream too far.

It would appear that perhaps nothing is a dream too far, if your lust for it can carry you through the belief parts, the scary parts and of course the failure parts.

Your ‘Once Upon a Time’, may indeed grow to become your ‘Happy Ever After’…… but as everyone knows all fairytales have their sad parts too.

The sad parts give us the fight or flight parts of our lives……and in their positive form can mutate to serve as giving light when we feel dark, courage when we feel hopeless and love when we feel we have achieved through a determination encouraged by the tragedies that happen around us. Something that we will all experience, to a lesser or greater extent in the course of our lifetime.

To embark on a journey of such magnitude, or so it seemed, was massive, it was scary, it was exciting, it was thought provoking, it was questionable, and always there were those who saw it as the impossible dream. Another crazy notion. ‘what’s she up to now?’ the usual met response with a patronizing smile of ‘it will never work’. Did I care? I find the most motivational people in life, are those who don’t believe I can, and for that I thank you….. nothing can make a dreamer more determined to show how thoughts become your own reality. My own reality!

How ever would I manage to find what is right, what is ethical, what is perfect, what would fit the vision, the dream, the goal, my notion of perfection, and here beginneth the tale…..

On meeting a very special lady it now transpires, to be an alchemist, a believer in the strength of nature, an understanding of the stars, planets and the pull of the tides crossed my path. Indeed she had very many pots of potions for me to peruse. Why I thought would I want to look at any of these when one little lonely jar remained firmly in the large apothecary box she carried with her. ‘You don’t want to look at that, she said, now even more determined I became disinterested in the other 100 plus jars. I was tenacious, I felt compelled, I had to have that jar.

She gave it to me!!

It sat on my desk for almost two years, I opened it on a daily basis, lifted the lid to my sense of smell and dipped my fingertips to feel the silky texture, I was addicted., but what exactly was it? It had a real sense of magnetism for me. I let a few people look at this special jar of what the alchemist lady had called, ‘a work in progress’. No one really took any notice, but my one special friend thought it was pretty lovely too, and I shared with her my thoughts on how I wanted my own dream, or skincare product, and perhaps I was onto something. Oh yes, she was as excited as me, one lonesome jar with no use and no name!!

Time passed, another year I shouldn’t wonder….

My career took me to another office, I collected my things together and they landed on my new desk, together with the little jar! I had cause to meet the alchemist lady again and when I did I told her, ‘this little work in progress, I want it for myself, for my own dream product, but it needs some work’.

It took some months of testing and trying, blending and creating, enjoying and thinking, sharing and experimenting. It became my labour of love.

It was about half way through this process that my determination became more profound. Think back if you will to my earlier paragraph where I talk about sadness becoming an inspiration, light in the darkness, and courage when we feel hopeless. This was that time for me. My special friend who so loved the new little jar on my desk had to go to Heaven. Only she really knew how I felt about this special project. Anyone who knows me well, will recognize I will keep things close until something is definite, and this was no exception. It was just me and her, and the apothecary lady!

So now I planned to really drive forward with the dream, I had to. Whilst living in a real fairytale castle, working long hours at my passion being Spa, and learning to understand why my special friend was now living with the angels, I spent so much time thinking and forming what would be. The vision she knew I wanted to create…… and this is the guiding light I had and still have in my life today.

The journey continued…

The special people in the cast of my tale

The lady that sat patiently while I ran to and fro in the showrooms and studios developing the perfect sophisticated packaging. I remember the chap that owns the company wearing the most random shirt covered in rabbits!

The past colleague and now evermore friend and visionary that photographed a random necklace I was wearing to use the dimensions of such in order to design the logo.

The gentleman I bothered to distraction with sending jars and lids back ad forth, and warmly remember the bars of chocolate that would arrive with each new set of samples.

The man and lady who thought I wasn’t so mad when I told them about it after all, we were eating fish and chips at the time in a pub in the Lake District filled with dogs and walkers…..

The genius man who drove a hundred miles and more to develop the website, I plied him with chocolate and a few of us drank fizz late into the evening until it was ‘done’.

My guiding light, or more familiarly known as my Beautiful Hero, for believing in me and encouraging me to go for it in the first place. I remember daydreaming with her about everything in life, and particularly this little jar when she visited the castle. She will have looked down now from her special cloud bedazzled with sparkling designer artifacts and girly wonders, to learn she had also given me the name.

I think of the eclectic mix of ‘guinea pigs’ who embarked on the trial of the brown glass jars with thick black screw top lids which contained the precious potion, and the form filling they gladly did in my pursuit of the holy grail of skincare.

The genuine and kindest support shown to me by the man who loved the Beautiful Hero with every breath in his body, and continues to share and understand my vision and dream.

And what of the name? It was an epiphany of great yet simple thought, The miracle jar of work in progress was now in it’s completed recipe a one product wonder that extolled seven clear benefits, and used for no less than five different purposes. How wonderful.

The epiphany? The angel on that cloud in Heaven had a special number when she lived here with her feet on Earth, that number was 517, serendipity, it strikes when you least expect. Oh yes she left a little sparkle that would become the very special name.

The following of a little yet precious sparkle stud jar… ‘why, it’s a tribe’ , I thought lucidly to myself…….


The belief and following of so many special inspirations in my life.

The Beautiful Hero foundation, a tribute created for the legacy of the original Beautiful Hero. A charitable foundation to support the work and choices of the many beautiful heroes that live amongst us every day, and lift us all with the gift they give to everyday life. 31st March every year sees the day of the charitable donation. You too can join the tribe and make a nomination at

It has been hard, it has been emotional, happy and not so happy. It has been cathartic, it has been beautiful, and it has been a focus of the dream I first saw.

It officially launched on 17th September 2016 , an angel birthday date and I continue in my endeavours to share the wonderful product and the compelling inspiration.

The joy I felt and shared upon winning a sought after accolade in the world of natural beauty, another little reminder I am on the right path, and so much more to come.

…..and now as my tale continues to grow and embrace more people and create Tribe as a lifestyle and experience for all to share, I believe and I say to you all, think it and you can become it, draw strength from sadness, and share your dreams with those who will build you up and those who will try to tear you down for both are the synergy that breeds success.

Have your own love affair in pursuit of the very thing that sets your soul on fire.

The cast of my dream and life remain anonymous, unless of course you are one of these people and then you will recognise yourself., and I thank you for your part in my tale so far

…… working towards Happily Ever After…………….