As Tribe517 Launch Approaches

The light is sparkling brightly at the end of the tunnel, and I see this holy grail of beauty products on the brink of launch.  

The last tiny part of the journey has proved to be the very hardest but I am almost there. The warehouse is now full and almost ready for shipment for first stockists.  I feel exhausted and excited all in one, and the website also due to go live in the next couple of weeks which I will share with you all then. I need to do a little more work on the Beautiful Hero Foundation, and to share the courage of the original beautiful hero and encourage others to share the courageous acts of their own beautiful heroes.

I am indeed addicted to the product despite having very many other beauty delectable delights to choose from in my bathroom, the all natural perfume is a real anchoring fragrance, warm and comforting and an absolute pleasure to use. I am currently creating a luxury face massage protocol to share the elixir that may be used in high end salons and spa, although I originally set out to produce a couture offering for retail, so many of my long time and familiar spa friends have asked PLEASE can they have Tribe517 too, who am I to deny them the most beautiful of products to share with their special clients.

The waiting list is currently live with not long to wait, and press or marketing enquiries to