Educating the Tribe

As with any new innovation, it needs a strong education to sit alongside it to get optimum results and value, and Tribe517 is no exception to this valuable concept.

Key to the product and perhaps should have been benefit number ‘8’ is that so little is needed, it will last a whole lot longer than you will initially think.

The sampling panellists learned this when they first were lucky enough to trial. When instructions said, ‘it’s a quality not quantity kinda guy’, this already skincare and industry savvy selection of people didn’t quite realise how much this really meant, and it took a quite a few days or even weeks to understand the effectiveness of this beautiful hero.

So ahead of using this luxury product, let us reiterate on usage as a combined serum and 24hr moisture and nourish balm.

When we say take a tiny bit, we mean a very tiny amount from the jar. Gently blend across the palms of the hands until they almost feel like there is no product at all.

Apply with hands pressed flat onto the face, it will almost feel ‘dry’, and you may think there is no product on the face at all. Leave it for 30 seconds and you will feel the skin is soft as Tribe melts into the complexion. You really will be amazed at how far a little goes. If it feels too rich, you have used too much, it’s simple as that, only the product touching the skin will give you the benefits you need, so please don’t be heavy handed and waste any of this gorgeous hero.

Of course, if you wish to be generous at night, it is a super food for skin, but again apply minimally even if heavier than morning product, it will be just as effective and last you a long time.

The Tribe call it the capsule wardrobe for your face, and we all know less is more when it comes to style.

The video tutorials on the website should help you, however happy to help with more education and advice, so email us on the contact page.

Enjoy your Beautiful Hero sparkle stud jar!!!