British Home and Values of the Tribe

Increasingly lovers of product and beauty innovation look to their peers in the form of Beauty Bloggers ad Social Media, Instagram being particularly strong here, and a real frenzy is currently whipped up around the Natural Product out there and widely available, and for good reason too!

Indeed this is a trend followed by a few large skincare corporations who have gone back to the drawing board to eliminate all synthetic additives, to reformulate their best selling lines. Our Tribe only entertains ingredients sourced as pure, natural with no synthetic ‘nasties’, and only natural preservatives. Hence the necessity to use just a tiny amount, and it will last a long time.

Suitable for all skin uses and all skin types. Tribe is perfect for the most sensitised of skins, and gentle on fragile complexions, to nurture, protect and feed your skin with only the purest ingredients nature has to offer.

Tribe517 sterile and clinical blending laboratory, allows for nothing more than pure and natural ingredient to pass through the door. It is located together with the warehouse in Oxford in UK, quintessentially British sourcing of product to ensure fresh and high quality active ingredients. This will continue to be key in Tribe 517 development and ethos in future product design and creation.