Could there ever be a better time to partner with the tribe?

A quick read here could open the doors to the new way to relaunch your Spa business.  Championing an enriched healthy approach to Spa behaviours with tribe517.

Our heritage treatments were deliberately fashioned to maximise on deep relaxation by lying face down for the entire duration of experience, embracing the 5 pillars of tribal wellness.

Now more than ever this eradicates the face to face inevitable impact of spa, and actively practices a style of social distancing.  These have been our treatments since inception of the brand, and we have always enjoyed prolific returns and fantastic feedback.  No need to quickly create something in line with new guidance, our menu is established, respected and loved.


Couple this with our exceptionally flexible approach to initial costs and choices, and Sale or Return retail start up bundles.  There is a very realistic start up option making it actively accessible to everyone.  Just ask us how.

With this time of uncertainty and vagueness surrounding the way forward in our industry, talk to us about our new complimentary Central Reservations Service for tribe spa partners, how would this positively impact your business?.

  • Free of charge training
  • Immediate start up
  • Business support and spa consultancy
  • Use of the Tribe Army Register
  • Gift with purchase of vouchers

The tribe ethos!  It’s not about us, it’s about YOU!

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