We are blushing with pride, and super excited at Tribe517 HQ and Tribe Spa, the eagerly awaited PINK treatments have landed, and will be available from Monday 28th October, of course making its debut at our Boutique Tribe Spa, and we just can’t wait to share these special experiences with you!

The BLUSH LUSTRE Facial is instant radiance in an hour, divine complexion and super snoozeful as always, treating the hands and feet too, our description is….

Featuring our PINK collection, a radiance delight leaving you with a dewy clear and healthy blush glow, for face and hands. Sway you to gentle sleep enveloped with dazzling Palma Rosa fragrance, and waking you up lustre beautiful, deeply comforting for all skin concerns.

…and the glorious TRIBAL ABLUTION a body cleansing delight with lashings of salt, bubbles and balm, softest ever skin, and smitten with the creamy lather and fragrance, we say….

Cabana cleansing and buffing ritual delighting in our superlative PInk collection. Pink Soft bubble cleansing massage for full body and face, in tandem with intense comfort and nourishment from the striking warm Pink Comfort balm, bubbles and powder that are Foam & Dust 517.


Seriously, you just need to jump on this PINK wagon, and take home some PINK in a sparkle stud jar too, our three new products hit the shelves all packed in pink ahead of Christmas gifting, so it’s a treat for yourself, or the top line of your Christmas list.  Choose from ‘Comfort’, ‘Bare’ or ‘Soft’, or simply take all three.

Of course it’s all natural, and sustainably sourced, with the gently beautiful Palma Rosa fragrance.

Booking now at Tribe Spa, with our 5 day PINK celebration limited edition from 28th October, pink treatments, pink fizz, pink sweeties, pink nosegay……. pink up your life people!


Looking forward to sharing the pink life with you very soon.

Claire x