How totally fascinating to have chatted at length with Liz Andrews, Chief Executive at City Hospice in Cardiff this morning.

I am beyond delighted to share our collaboration news in celebration of the work her fabulous team deliver on a daily basis, it really is immense, you will have no idea what wonderful and creative experiences they deliver for their visitors.  The building is very modern, ultra bright and colourful with a real happy vibe.

Our tribal army from Tribe Spa at Lanelay Hall Hotel is teaming up with Liz and Co to offer a fun and relaxing filled day of tribal therapies for everyone at the Hospice.  Yet to reveal the exact details and running plan of the day but we will print it all for you here in due course.  It will indeed be a day of treats to remember and savour.

We have opted to join forces for the day during National Spa week in November.  This year focusing on wellness and education for therapists.

Flatteringly the team at Tribe Spa believe their wellness is already paramount in their workplace and love their work environment and the management style, encompassing time planned experiences and empowerment for everyone on the team, therefore would like to actually share their valued wellness with those that will benefit from their valued skills,  hence are really looking forward to spending time giving well deserved treatment to workers  and visitors  at the Hospice.  They will also have a talk to educate them about the work of the Hospice and how their kindness in donating their time will impact those receiving their treatments.

We couldn’t be more delighted and excited.

If you’d like to be involved, City Hospice are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join the great team, and they simply love to hear about any activities and ideas that you and your team could bring to the hospice for a session of interactivity and fun.  You’d be surprised at what they get involved with, a passion or hobby you would like to share, get in touch and lift the lives of those attending the hospice on a regular basis.

I loved it here and I know you would too!!!

More details on dates (during November) and day planning from the Tribe Army will be here when we know more.

Claire x