Welcome once again to the tribe…..

Exciting times here at Tribe HQ, as tribe and our wellness continues to evolve into more and such fantastic spa spaces.

We have an ethos that we live by on a daily basis and share with our spa partners and therapists.  We believe in wellness of the therapist is in line with the wellness of our spa guests.  We respect the rights and choices of our tribe army therapists, we endorse and support how they wish to work, and in this ever challenging marketplace of spa employees, it’s something that seems to be taking a grip.

Are you a therapist wanting flexibility and the opportunity to increase your earnings?

Are you a spa owner finding spa staffing a challenge?

We can help, talk to the tribe.  Work with the register, get on the register.  Free training to get you on the register.

Ask us how, all enquiries treated in strict confidence, we help and advise, with over 35 years of industry experience to guide and support your challenges.

Indeed Spa could now be deemed as a victim of its own success…..  massive growth, wellness tourism sitting at 17% but where do we find the quality players to continue to deliver this exponential growth!?

Could the tribe be for you?

claire@sparticulate.co.uk as always or via the website and we are happy to help.