There seems not a better time to be able to share with you, the unveiling of our beautiful new ritual, the Manawydan Ceremony… promoting an attitude personal to you, encourage emotional flow, declutter the mind to reconnect with how you want your life to be.

Created with circadian health at the forefront of our minds, and to fit the ongoing feedback we have being… ‘which treatment should I choose?’

A ceremony of 110minutes inclusive of a full body and face, scalp treat.  Warm flowing balms to encourage an attitude or mood, chakra clearing with Hero Breathing and hot salt pebbles, hot towels and scrupulous attention to detail, equally befitting the guys and the ladies.

The entire time built around the ‘Mist of Enchantment’, which is bestowed on the entire body with neroli fine mist and showered with fresh dusting powder.  When the mist ‘lifts’ be sure your physical fatigue will diminish, your mind to have clarity and purpose, and your emotions to be rebalanced.

Embracing naturally every tiny detail aspect the tribe pride themselves upon with every spa experience we offer, hot barley bags, hot balm body drizzle that is the Tribal Rite, and the love link ribbon to take your warmth and happiness throughout the day.

A true nod to YOU being the love story in your life, and the utopia of reconnection for the discerning Spa gazers amongst you.

Available in select spas for Spring 2021.