How incredibly exciting that the vivacious spa at Ruthin Castle has been recreated to boast a wonderful haven of peace and wellness, in this real life castle, 800 years old and steeped in history, myth and legend.  What better place to unwind and take in the beauty of nature, the intrigue of history and the lap of luxury that is Spa.

We, at  t R i B e 5 1 7 are excited and delighted to be a chosen spa partner in this gorgeous, warm and colourful space. from glorious thermals, to their vintage tea room, and of course stupendous treatment choices.  This is everything you could wish for in a spa, and a place to leave your cares behind.

They even have a boot room, so you can take some fresh air, in wellies and a poncho apres treatment, the grounds are just amazing to explore.  You simply have to visit.  You won’t believe your eyes with the mix of ancient architecture and the twist of incandescent modern colour.

The spa and team will be ready to deliver the most wonderful attention to detail for all of their guests from the middle of January, and are taking bookings right now.

01824 702664 for bookings and ideal gift vouchers for Christmas too, set in the heart of Ruthin in North Wales.

The complete collection from tribe will be available, along with Welsh hammam,  hot mud room, and copper tub bathing, what are you waiting for?  What will you choose?  Hot Rocking Relax with warm orange and fennel, Hypnotic Sleep Massage with melting balm and pillows galore, or perhaps opt for the heritage Calibrate 517 massage, it’s a tough decision, and remember we have something for everyone, it’s our privilege to treat you whatever your health challenges.  Love the tribe and the tribe will love you right back.

It’s no secret we have a bit of a soft spot for this Welsh utopia, we can’t wait to give it a whirl, and see the complete finish when it’s unveiled next month.