We often say we are ‘sharing the ethical love’, it’s true but it probably goes a whole lot deeper than you’d imagine.

We love that we have this love to share and it’s all born of our three pillars, wellness of the planet, wellness of the therapist and wellness of the guest.

If we can’t tick all three of these points, then it doesn’t happen.  So you can be assured our products are all naturally sourced, fairly traded and ethically fair to people and the planet.  Kind to the forests, and the oceans.  Sharing the eco love all the way.

High on our list is the therapist, wellness of the therapist is paramount, and our treatment techniques demonstrate this with every experience.  Our therapists, or tribe army as they are affectionately known, frequently tell us they’ve never worked like this before, and that they could massage ‘all day long’,  music to our ears, because we know that happy and healthy therapists deliver wonderful wellness to our guests.

The wellness of the guest is the cornerstone of your spa business, and we love to welcome everyone,  even those wonderful people living with a challenging state of health.  There are no exceptions to the pleasure and privilege we feel when we deliver that unmeasurable delight of a tribe spa treatment.

Our packaging, eco friendly, recycled and recyclable,  who says it has to be dull and uninteresting?  Try our boxed delights as gifts, we think you’ll find lots of ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ as well as looking sophisticated on your own dressing table.

Not forgetting to mention our wonderful treatment experiences,  just that little bit different, a break from the spa norm and all concluded with our Love Link moment of mindfulness.  Gratitude comes high on the agenda and a parting moment leaving our clients warm & happy the whole day through, and calmed through our Hero Breathing.

Best of all is our love of giving back,  the Beautiful Hero charitable foundation means we support all sorts of people and charities, easily accessed for nominations through our website, or for partners wanting something a little different, talk to us about your own charities and collaborative support.

Indeed, we are always sharing the ethical love. x