NU Spa, the hidden ‘jewel in the crown’ spa secret at the Radisson Blu in Durham, joined the Tribe a couple of months ago, and couldn’t wait to tell us how delighted they are to report on the feedback they are receiving.  They are completely committed to sharing the story of each and every treatment and what lies behind it all.

They are so loving the whole range of treatments, and the orange vibe, with love link ribbon keeping everyone warm and happy.  You really have to know this to love it.  Their clients are totally in love with the the whole collection, and the mindfulness it delivers, alongside the actual amazing and beneficial treatment experiences.

Great that they never have to turn anyone away, and in particular have been having rave reports of the Beautiful Hero treatment, the gentle experience we offer for those living with disease, and so often denied spa treatment.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, ‘it is our privilege to treat everyone, no exceptions’  The collection includes treatment for Mums to be too which has been a great hit, and ground floor accessible treatment rooms and relax suite.  An incredible fusion with our exciting and sleep inducing collection of facials and body treats.

All situated overlooking the riverside with glorious views of the cathedral, just a short walk from the city centre.

Hannah and her team have really gone the extra mile, and taken good time to learn and educate themselves with the Tribe517 , and we couldn’t be more overjoyed to be supporting them as one of our Spa partners.

Looking forward to bringing the new collection and new treatments to you very soon.  You will just love sharing the Tribal Ablution Body and Blush Lustre Facial treatments with your special guests everyday.

Claire x