t R i B e 5 1 7


The tribe embraces everyone, and we know that sometimes you’re too busy to commit to a full day at the spa so we’ve introduced the tribe Demi Collection, a fully fabulous and beneficial treatment of choice condensed into just half an hour.

Select from the….

Hot Pod Shrug

Heated back and shoulder massage

Demi Glass Facial

Face massage to complexion perfection

40 Winks of Wonder

Concentrated signature Calibrate 517 body massage

Smooth n Soothe

Intense body nourish and polish

Available at selected sites now.

We know it can be a little head scratching to decide which you’d like, so for those of you with the time available to spend on yourself, remember…… “Two Halves make a Whole’

….. choose two of the demi and enjoy a full 60 minutes as a twist from our regular collection.  The attention to detail is still all there, combined with the love link ribbon and your moment of mindfulness too.  Our tribal essence keeping you warm and happy, and with the demi taster, we know it won’t be too long before you choose to indulge in one of our heritage spa experiences too.

Sharing the ethical love,

Claire x