From the very conception of our tribal ethos and how we deliver our spa experience treatments, tribe517 knew it had to be about the rebalance of the mind in tandem with the physical being, and that’s why we call our treatments mindful.  In reality what we deliver is active mindfulness, and therein lies the difference.

Why?… because we needed to show the difference between a beautiful experience and an experience that you could actually identify with a real result and not just feel it in the physical body.  Taking control of your reality.

How? … we focused on everything unexpected,  when the unexpected happens it heightens our sensitivity and picques our awareness.  Anyone having enjoyed a tribal treatment knows that it’s far from a regular protocol.  As a seasoned spa goer, you may come to have a good idea of what to expect, the order of work for a body massage for example, so how about this….  a massage which truly alerts your awareness to the fact that it’s not what you were expecting.  When this happens it engages the brain, encourages a new enjoyment, identifies that a new experience is happening to you.  If your conscious mind is taking this in, then there’s no room to think about other worries and concerns, this way you actively leave your life pressures at the door.

We include breathing techniques to actively empty your mind throughout your treatment.

We aim to close down the overload of tabs you have running in your head at any one time.


We ask you to be interactive and actively think about the things for which you are grateful.

You leave us with the love link ribbon, an active and anchoring reminder of how you felt when you took control of your conscious mind.

Pair this activity with the subconscious and here we begin to develop a cognitive betterment of the body and mind.

As an industry we promote escapism, which is truly wonderful and helps us dodge the norm for a short while, and whilst we know this is fantastic, and something upon which we have built such a rich, in demand and wonderful arena. To enhance this by the ability to master your actual mind, identify and control how you can create mindful wellbeing must surely be a wonderful result, and thereby taking our escapism of anxiety in real time, through our long days rather than a short while.

We learn through these small changes how to begin to control our thinking, and living in the moment, for living in the moment literally takes away the things we worry and concern ourselves with most.

We’d be most interested to hear your thoughts on this too.  Cognitive wellbeing, being aware of how we make ourselves feel better rather than knowing it will just ‘happen’ concurrently with spa treatment.

The two together must surely be a superpower to be harnessed and cherished for an improved and enjoyable lifestyle.