Here we are on Beautiful Hero day 2021, what a very strange 12 months, and wow have we heard the word ‘Hero’ so many times, and how many stories we have heard of those sharing their kindness and helping others.

Here at Tribe517 HQ we have heard so many of these stories over the past few years, usually people that no one knows as a ‘hero’ as they walk amongst us in everyday life.

Indeed our nominations this year have continued to illustrate the everyday kindness and selfless acts demonstrated by so many, and we have made a selection for our Beautiful Hero this year in the shape of Lauren Salt.

Lauren has been nominated by her entire team at work, and we love that with the ever-growing tribe spa partnerships means that knowledge of our Beautiful Hero charitable foundation is travelling far and wide now.

The team at one of our beautiful spas were so taken with our philosophy  during their training and learning about what we do, they just knew they wanted to nominate Lauren this year.

Profile photo of Lauren Salt

In the words of her colleagues…

“We wish to nominate Lauren Salt our Operations Manager.

The strength & courage that Lauren has shown over the last few months is beyond admirable. Lauren’s mum unexpectedly became ill in the month of November and from day one Lauren was nothing short of her mums angel, by her side every step of the way and keeping her family and loved ones going at the same time. Lauren sadly lost her mum in January, the world lost an absolute queen that day but her mums grace, her aura, her beautiful soul lives on in Lauren everyday.
Lauren has continued to support her team through the pandemic and through the process of getting the business ready for re-open, all whilst dealing with her own grief. She is a credit to us at Moddershall Oaks and we are beyond lucky to have her. Lauren always puts others first and big or small, she shows acts of kindness everyday and doesn’t even realise it, that’s just who she is.
This, amongst many other reasons is why we believe she truly is our beautiful hero.”

They went on to share with us the final words Lauren had to say about her Mum which was indeed weepy reading, and how she feels ongoing inspiration and strength drawn from the support she showed during this very difficult period of time.

I’m sure you will share with us a heartfelt thank you to Lauren for adding a little kindness day by day to those around her, and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to make their nominations.

It’s now six years since we lost our first and original Beautiful Hero Louise, but she would undoubtedly love that she has paved the way for so many to shine a light on their own special people and allow us at tribe517 to support their chosen charities.

We will let you all know Lauren’s chosen charity just as soon as we know ourselves.

Wishing you all a wonderful Beautiful Hero day,  we would love you to comment on your randoms acts of kindness today too. x