Beautiful Hero 2020

Five years down the line, we are growing our Beautiful Hero Charitable Foundation,  in these strange times,  we see that so very many people are proving themselves to be a hero, and oh, if only we could make mention of them all by name.  Clearly that would be impossible, but can we just say a massive thank you, which seems so insignificant with everything happening presently.  As a nation, where would we be without them?!  Heartfelt gratitude to you all.

This year we aimed to grow and support a few charities.  We have received so many nominations it seems a great way to move forward, and we hope you love our choices of Hero for 2020.


Liza Thomas-Emrus

We have a Beautiful Hero from the currently highlighted sector of the NHS.  Nominated by her fiancé, he says….

‘My beautiful hero is my Fiancé  Liza Thomas-Emrus  she is a locum GP and instead of working at home during the Covid19 outbreak she chose to add more shifts to the local hospital plus keep people up to speed by using her social media platforms  to update people the most critical information…all this despite having 2 children under 5 and the eldest having a rare neurological condition and Brain tumour…she amazes me everyday with her passion and courage both at work and at home
Thank you’

The tribe have followed her videos too following this nomination, and she certainly speaks clear information, and delivers it all with a smile and reassurance despite her facing this daily challenge…. Thank you Liza for being a Beautiful Hero, we need to know your chosen charity please.


 Grace Heap

Grace is an accomplished Singer/Actress and works globally in the industry, she wrote a letter (to another party) describing her vision for sharing this sector and helping support young people wanting to enter the industry too, sometimes those with financial challenges which mean they may miss out.

We were forwarded a copy of her letter by the lady nominating her, it’s quite a long read for this post, but in essence, she is working tirelessly to raise funds for ‘Cumbria Curtain Call’, a local youth musical theatre and drama school in Cumbria, and aims to finance a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the name for this travelling group will be ‘Footsteps to Theatre’  for those wishing to learn more!!

Well done Grace and thank you for being a Beautiful Hero, I’m sure this donation will help towards a superb trip for the children involved.  Say hello and let’s add to your growing fund.


Instagram Heroes

Our Instagram post also found us receiving direct messages to ‘bag a hundred pounds’ too, and we couldn’t decide between two of the responses so we chose both, so well done also for achieving our Beautiful Hero status to;


Katherine Allport…

Very sadly losing her battle to triple negative breast cancer and now the inspiration behind a small family run charity, the Katherine Allport Foundation in Staffordshire which gift small ‘chemo hampers’ to help those going through the treatment.  Thank you for nominating Katherine posthumously Laura Meeson, a wonderful sentiment.  Let us know how we can make a donation please.


Karen Mills…

From the amazing AP Cymru Charity supporting Autism.  Nominated by Charlotte Foster who says of Karen…

“ Being a mum to an Autistic boy of 3 absolutely broke my heart, I had no idea what to do or how to cope or where to turn’

She says  ‘AP Cymru and Karen in particular have been her rock, and even during the current challenging times, is continually there every day supporting from a distance.’

Thank you for being a Beautiful Hero Karen, get in touch please.


Thank you to all four of our Beautiful Heroes, those from previous years and continue to do ongoing charitable work, and of course my own personal and the original Beautiful Hero Louise, who I miss and think of on a daily basis with no exception, she is my continued inspiration behind every aspect of tribe517.  Thank you Louise for being my very own Beautiful Hero.

Claire x