Our 20:20 vision for the tribe, and further creative for

t R i B e 5 1 7

A great time to say thank you to our partners and suppliers who have supported us, engaged with our ethos, and shared the ethical love by way of delivering our quirky body experiences, and developing a love for our collection too.  Also a big happy welcome to our new partners, those joining us in the new year and beyond.

2020 will see the launch of the second phase Tribe Spa, with its spa garden, unbelievable outdoor vitality thermal waters, extended relaxing and calming spaces, and of course way more treatment space.  Wrap this up with our special overnight Spa stays that are on the way, and this really will be a destination to enjoy optimum Spa for your wellness, mindfulness and enjoyment.


Meanwhile, we will also be launching our bespoke thermal experience duo cabin, designed to recreate the benefits of Forest Bathing, in tandem with healing light therapy and (what is presently) our yet to be revealed body experience.  Combined we will see the unveiling of Hot Chromotto Bathing to the market.


Of course, we continue to take a pride in our hand crafted collection, and excited to unmask the new packaging coming in early Spring.  A beyond beautiful grouping, and need we say all sustainable, eco friendly, kind to the planet in material.  We are just too excited.



Partnering with some great new build spas brings the opportunity also to develop additional product, bespoke to these projects.  Our growth during 2019, has really paved the way for our 20:20 vision, and we are delighted to be able to unveil these exciting new developments through the course of the next few months.

See you in the new year everyone, be it in the Boardroom, poolside, treatment room, suited and booted or in that all important fluffy spa robe.  Loving the relationship we have with everyone encountering the tribe.

Claire x