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Here’s our Tribe secrets

Removing all traces of eye make up incuding the most stubborn of waterproof mascara. Apply pea sized amount with fingertips and gently massage over the eyes and lashes. Remove with warm damp cotton pad in gentle sweeping strokes. It won’t sting eyes at all.

An effective and glorious moisturising cleansing experience, the natural ingredients cleanse by attracting cosmetic pigment and oils from the skin’s surface. Apply 5 pence piece sized amount, warm in the hands and apply directly to the skin massaging in smooth circular movements. Remove with fresh hot damp face towel. Double cleansing is only required for excessively heavy make up application.

The beauty of Tribe517 is the use of the tiniest amont for optimum results. Take a half pea sized amount and soften across palms of hands. Apply flat handed and press onto the face. It feels dry, but you will have applied enough, in just one minute your skin is soft and nourished.

This 24 hour moisturising treat contains all the natural ingredients to be a true super food for the skin. Use a half pea sized amount for morning or pea sized amount for night time. Melt softly into palms of hands and apply gently to the face. Pat gently also around eyes, lips and apply with uplifting strokes to the throat to complete your skin care regime. It really is a Capsule Wardrobe for your Face.