Beautiful Hero

Evocative yet Triumphant

There is a little Hero in all of us. So who is your beautiful hero?

The evolution of the Beautiful Hero trust is the legacy of the Original Beautiful Hero.

There is no greater honour that can be bestowed than for one person to lay down their life for someone they love and our Original Beautiful Hero was this very special person. She gave all of herself to keeping people safe and did a huge amount of compassionate and charitable work without thinking of asking for anything in return. She lost her life in a catastrophic accident in early 2015.

Her name was Louise, she was beautiful and she was a hero.  The Beautiful Hero foundation was born.

What could be more fitting than to support and keep her good work continuing by supporting other worthwhile causes. She is the original and first of our Beautiful Heroes.

Tribe517 is the heritage beauty product with five primary uses wrapped up into one single product, and with seven clear benefits – 517.  Serendipity is a strange and wonderful thing.  Is it so strange to learn that she had a professional collar number assigned to her for her work, this number was 517.

There is nothing so inspirational in life as a person with a passion that can overcome every challenge.

Who’s your Beautiful Hero?

Tribe517 loves a good Hero and we want to support the valuable work they do so we decided to set up a charitable foundation #beautifulhero to show our support.  A percentage of Tribe517 profits every year will be awarded to support the other Beautiful Heroes out there.  Supporting our Heroes makes us all stronger and raises us all up.

We want to invite any followers of tRiBe517, to write to us and tell us about your Beautiful Hero.  The team behind Tribe517 will be proud and delighted to support the selected charity of the winner chosen from the annual list of nominated beautiful heroes and their stories of strength and courage. This will be announced on 31st March each year.

All you need to do is send through the completed contact form below, with the name of your nominated beautiful hero, and why you think they should be chosen as our annual winner.  You do not need to tell us what their chosen charity will be, Tribe517 team are only interested that it will be a concern very dear to their heart.

Please remember to include your own contact details, and you will need the support of someone over the age of 18 if you are under the age of 18 when you make the nomination yourself.

Good luck to you all, there is nothing so inspirational in life as a person with a passion that can overcome every challenge.