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Extraordinary yet Refined 

It’s our attention to detail that our tribal followers simply love.


Tribe 517 redefining spa and spa experiences.

The ultimate curated spa collective, reshaping the conception of spa product, sharing the ethical love with natural unisex experiences of beautifully curious therapies. Unique and magical fragrances from authentic natural elements, harnessing precious life energy through this artisan brand.


Treatment’s as you’ve never experienced before

Beautiful Hero 

For the warrior in you

The ‘tender loving touch’ of warmth to comfort your soul, nurture your skin and lift your spirits.  For those with sensitivity, fragile condition, and living with or recuperating from disease and sickness.  A full body gentle application treat.

Calibrate 517

Surrender to the sensation of having your body gently realigned and perfectly ‘put back together’ again with a body massage like no other, supported lying face down encouraging gravity to enhance the experience.

Hypnotic Tribal Sleep 

Full body dreaming sleep massage supported with pillows in the embryo position, enhancing your muscular release & encouraging optimum rest, deeply inhale the power of the warmed fragrant petitgrain balm.

triBACTIF (facial)

The active capsule facial to refine and relax promoting skin health naturally, with our indulgent and exceptional Softening or Youth Elixir ‘517 super shots’ to enhance & enrich your complexion, customised to address your skin concerns with our elite ACTIF8 skin work out massage, and warm pliable mask.

(facial and back)

 Enjoy all the benefits of the ACTIF8 facial treat, combined with our glorious and celebrated back massage.  The ‘517 super shots’ together with the warm Heal & Health oil bring dazzling fragrances and supreme application to make this a pleasure unsurpassed. 

Tribal Ablution 

Cabana cleansing ritual delighting in our superlative Bath House collection.  Traditional bubble cleansing massage for full body and face, in tandem with intense healing and health from the striking blends of warm oil, gel and powder that are Foam & Dust 517. 

Hot Rocking Relax

Recalibration for rocking relaxed muscles and mind.  Your choice of Heal & Health body oil or Hypnotic Sleep Balm combined with terracotta pods for a full body massage of intense pleasure for tired bodies, aching muscles and fraught minds.  Relinquish control and rebalance your entire being.

Mama Love 

Delicate nourishing ‘Beautiful Hero’ product and supporting pillows make for a ‘Love of Massage’ experience no Mama can resist.  Soothe away aches and entice a sleepyhead mood.  Suited from the third trimester and following baby’s arrival.

Tribe Spa at

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