Vogue loves…

What a delight to see our little jar of ethical love appearing in the pages of British Vogue Magazine.

There for all to see on their suggested gifts page, and a little angelic magic sees it listed as number 17.  What a thrill for this Beautiful Hero, and on liaising with the publisher and designer, the number really was pure pot luck, well thank you to whoever or whatever  sprinkled their twinkling fairy dust and had it listed like that, another moment of serendipity for the Tribe journey!

With it’s appearance have come a number of enquiries regarding professional use also for high end spas and clinics.  I can only say we are working madly with deep attention to ethical detail to deliver the most fabulous of active capsule facials in the not so distant future.

Our dedicated following is growing, and those buying product are returning to buy more, an addiction that is not easily overcome.  Particularly at this time of year when this little sparkle stud jar is clearly the ‘traveller’s best friend’, one jar does the lot, free up the space and weight in your suitcase and enjoy the ease of product which along with all of it’s other talents and benefits, I am told by a few who shall remain anonymous that it is incredibly calming and soothing on skin over exposed to the sunshine too.

So from perfect gifts in Vogue Magazine to perfect performance on the bathroom shelf too.

Meanwhile we are truly excited to have made the shortlisted products for the Skins Matter Free From sought awards 2017, another accolade  in which to take a great pride.

We continue to love our Tribe!