The Original Story of Beautiful Hero.

From the heart by Claire (Uncut)

Many years before Tribe517 was even a ‘work in progress’, 18 years ago to be precise. I was busy working on the opening of a large Spa venue, and we were fast approaching the soft launch. This meant a limited number of guests could enjoy the spa experience for a fraction of the cost for just two days. The response was overwhelming, and one guest in particular drove me to distraction, calling up, leaving messages, oh boy, she so didn’t want to miss out. Thinking I could alleviate the persistence of such a client I telephoned her ahead of everyone else and booked her appointment.

That annoying lady fast became my very closest friend, and how she inspired me with her tenacity with everything she wanted to achieve for herself, and others in life. The connection was amazing. Determined and forthright, yet the most considerate and giving of people, doing much for charitable causes that no-one would ever know about.

We shared fun times , tough times, family times, laughter and tears and always there for one another.

Early in 2015 I received the devastating and tragic news that she had lost her life in a catastrophic accident. Without sharing the details with you ……. Suffice to say She was 41. She was beautiful, and she was a hero!

It still doesn’t seem real to me, and she has been my guiding light and inspiration through the development and launch of my dream product. There’s no such driving force as that imaginary pair of hands pushing you along from behind!!

The name I knew had to be something that was important to the people that would love and use it, become true believers and spread the word, about this amazing product. Hence the word ‘Tribe’ was top of my list to play with.

It has five primary uses, wrapped up in just one product, extolling seven clear benefits. The name Tribe517 was born.

I love to invite any of you followers of tRiBe517, to write to me and tell me about your Beautiful Hero. The team behind Tribe517 will be proud and delighted to support the selected charity of the winner chosen from the annual list of nominated beautiful heroes and their stories of strength and courage. This will be announced on 17th September each year.

All you need to do is send through, one sheet of A4 typeface, with the name of your nominated beautiful hero, and why you think they should be chosen as our annual winner. You do not need to tell us what their chosen charity will be, Tribe517 team are only interested that it will be a concern very dear to their heart.
Please remember to include your own contact details, and you will need the support of someone over the age of 18 if you are under the age of 18 when you make the nomination yourself.

Good luck to you all, there is nothing so inspirational in life as a person with a passion that can overcome every challenge.