Everything’s PINK

A sneaky peak for our tribal followers, revealing the new PINK trio collective.

Sharing the same soft fragrance of Palmarosa, the collection embraces three synergestically blended fusions, of course with our all natural ethos.

Comfort, we call it Tender Loving Care in a jar!  Super nourishing for face and body and suited for all skin types.

Bare, a daily deep cleansing balm mask, instant radiance with this one, and whilst exceptionally deep cleansing and vaguely exfoliating, the calamine heart ensures soothing and calming properties at every use.  You really will see instant results with this one, our answer to a safe and comfortable face peel.

Soft, the essential body polish, combining pink and white salts with intensely hydrating and protect moisture elements.  Polish and moisture in one go in the bath or shower,  no need for extra moisture after bath.

We are so excited, and hope these will be ready ahead of Christmas for gifting or spoiling yourself for your festive parties and events.

We love Spa, so of course you will find our new PINK facial, and Tribal Ablution treatments will be on our menu too, we just couldn’t wait any longer to share our rosy secret with you.

Working hard on the packaging elements too, and selecting the right shade, agreed on the pink you see below, then looked at the code number, 517, you just couldn’t write it!  More angelic serendipity along the way!

Claire x