Ethical Love

Effective yet Edgy

Tribe517, a collection of ethical loveliness.

The alchemy in the base ingredients in these tribal wonder treatments are premium grade, natural, fairly traded & organic wherever possible.


Environmentally conscious

These are vegetarian, planet friendly products.

With everything you need for your beautiful skin, all in an easy to use multi use collection of gorgeousness.  We work on eco sustainability for our ingredients and packaging, and have managed to reduce our carbon footprint. Recyclable beautiful and minimal wrapping. It’s an attitude that’s simple and valuable

Safe for the planet

Our products are vegetarian, planet friendly skin food. Safe for the planet and safe for you.

Eco-luxury. Tribe517 Collective is free from synthetic colours, preservatives, matrix enhancers, thickeners and fragrances. It does not harbour skin irritants or food allergens. No palm oils or mineral oils. No ethoxylated ingredients. Nothing from ‘the lab’ means it is safer for you to put on your skin and it is safer to have on our planet.

Bees, Honey and Beeswax

We respect the rights of our Bees and put the Bee’s welfare first. Our Bees are cosseted and indulged.

The Hives are located across the farm here, all sited outdoors in country garden surroundings. The Bees do not compete for resources and have free reign to forage and harvest from the hedgerows and gardens in a natural way.